Reclaiming the Narratives of Displacement

By Durkhanai Ayubi

When thinking about the understanding that surrounds displacement - so much of it arises from a language of marginalisation and vilification of migrants and refugees, that has triggered into being a responses which normalises the alienation of those seeking asylum and which presents the flow of people as a crisis for European hosting nations, rather than as a devastation to those who are seeking refuge.

There are so many things to unpick, particularly as the flow of people globally becomes an ever more prescient issue for our world in the wake of climate change and continued centralisation of wealth globally. 


I’m glad to share a recording of my presentation here.


The Narratives of Displacement (NoD) project was born from an understanding of the little acknowledged, but increasingly intertwined and numerous, typologies driving displacement in our world today – from climate to conflict, to politics and economic drivers – impacting a growing segment of the global population in complex ways. And while the realities of being a displaced person today are shifting, the dominant narratives around displacement remain trapped in a narrow image of a refugee as a foreign other, flooding Euro-American borders and bringing chaos and unwelcome cultural clashes in their wake.⁠

In this presentation, Durkhanai Ayubi, one of the founders of NoD, will discuss how the project seeks to decode the narrative norms that have brought us to this limited and problematic understanding, and what narratives can be used to deepen and diversify our understanding of the realities of displacement today.⁠